Taking It Slow

By Jordan Marie

  • Release Date : 2018-03-13
  • Genre : Romance
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Score: 5.0
From 12 Ratings


Taking It Slow A bottle of tequila

10 lime wedges

1 sexy blonde

Add in a crazy Vegas weekend

Lick and Swallow.

What do you get? 

A recipe for disaster.  

Last night I got married.

I think. 

I was drunk off my ass, so it's not exactly crystal clear.

But I woke up with a ring on my finger, a marriage certificate, and a sneaking suspicion I had a wild wedding night.

Oh, and a bride who is long gone.

Apparently, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay here. Sometimes it takes off running.

Now I’m chasing after my runaway bride with divorce on my mind.

What could go wrong?

 Besides everything.


  • CT

    By Vanilla34
    OMG this book was so unbelievably good that once you start you will not be able to put it down. Its laugh out loud funny with tears leaking from your eyes and not all of it is due to the main characters. Titan is a Alpha that could rev any woman's engine and Faith just so happen to be the recipient. They say what happens in Vegas stays there too bad Faith never got the memo. After waking up in bed with a God (oops I mean Titan) she runs leaving Titan a man on a mission trying to track her down. What ensues from there is nothing more than hilarious hijinks mixed in with the Crayon Gang (Lucas Family of course) but also their matriarch the over the top, scene stealing and hilarious Ida Sue and hamburger. This book gives me life and I LOVED IT TREMENDOUSLY!!!!
  • What’s happens in Vegas sometimes runs from Vegas!!

    By bri1929
    First of all I love all Jordan’s books. Now titan and faith are not my all time favorite because that is a spot for black and he doesn’t even have his own book yet. But these two have taken a spot in my heart. Between faiths sass and titans dominance they are a good/funny pair. Enjoy this fun read and remember what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.
  • Might just be my favorite from Jordan Marie

    By Armie2327
    Loved Titan and Faith’s story! This is one of my favorite books from Jordan Marie! I can’t wait until the next one.
  • Loved It!

    By glo223
    Another winner by Jordan Marie. I loved Titan and Faith’s story. It had humor, sweetness and plenty of heat. If you love romantic comedies, this series is the best i’ve Read. Jordan Marie outshines all the rest. I recommend this book to all who want a little humor and love in their lives
  • Loved it!!

    By Kathleen8888
    Absolutely loved it!! This book was a fun, laugh out loud read. I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the parts with Ida Sue. All I know is I want me a Titan and a family like that. Can’t wait to read Black’s story!!
  • Laughed so hard I cried!!!!

    By rholub
    OH MY HOLY "HAMBURGER"!!!! (And if you've read Jordan Marie's Lucas Brothers series, you'll know that reference.) I laughed so hard I cried all through this book!!! Faith is most assuredly a Lucas, through and through!!! I adored her, and MOST of the time Titan was absolutely swoon-worthy (but considering her was dealing with that special kind of Lucas crazy, he can be forgiven for when he wasn't). I became a fan of Jordan Marie because of her MC Romances, but this author has one sassy brain and she can do Romantic Comedy with the best of them!!! If you haven't met the Lucas family you don't know what you're missing!!!
  • Awesome

    By Melanie s g
    This book had me laughing quite a bit and even shed a few tears. Faith was a woman that was tired of having to be second best. So she went to a family members wedding to have some fun. But this was not the type of fun she was thinking of or was it. Titan was all man and then some. He went to his best friends wedding never expect anything like Faith. She was sweet and feisty all rolled together. But he had to remember her family was insane and not afraid to show it. This book was awesome I loved the banter between Titan and Faith and think they were made for each other. Now Ida Sue was a hoot as always. I just love her. Read this book ladies you will not be disappointed.
  • Great

    By Ilovemark96
    Given arc for honest review! Amazing! I absolutely loved Titan as he tracts down his Vegas bride. Omg can’t forget Ida Sue as she of course has to show us her whit and her love for odd names as she decides she is going to adopt Faith and name her cherry blossom 🌸 or just about any name you can add to blossom to make it sound good and of course calling Titan CT which you will just have to read the book to get the meaning behind that one. These two seemed to be meant for one another and as they come to terms with this and figure out if they can make it work you get to enjoy all the great fun and crazy parts of the book. This book can be a stand alone but it’s better to learn the background of ida’s family first believe me all the books in series is well worth the price!
  • Laugh out loud type of book!!! MUST READ

    By Ryatsko
    This book, had me laughing from beginning to end... ...love the chase, banter between characters, and unexpected surprises... Ida Sue, her bluntness, comments, and nicknames... ...I laughed so hard that brought me to tears! This story is fell good story, steamy, and enduring....
  • Fun and sweet ride along.

    By PPP4Life
    What's a girl to do when she comes across an opportunity for fun? She grabs on with both hands and hopefully remembers in the morning what she did the night before. Can't be too bad right? It really can be that bad if you're the one running! Faith eventually finds her way with a little help of Ida Sue. Fun and sweet ride along.